Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Writing Workshop - Big Screen Inspiration

Today’s post is for this week’s Writing Workshop over at Sleep Is For The Weak next Monday. The prompt is Big Screen Inspiration and our favourite quotation.  Here’s mine:
Nobody Said Being A Bunny Would Be Easy!
This is one of Mummy’s favourite movie quotations.  It stems from her childhood, and has become part of the regular family dialogue.  It comes from The Tale Of The Bunny Picnic, created by Jim Henson of The Muppets fame.  Sadly, the film was never that big in this country, but Mummy recently heard it made it to DVD  (she’d previously only seen it on VHS – that’s how old she, I mean it, is!) so she’s scouring the internet for my copy.
As you might expect, the film is about al fresco rabbit dining; Bean is told by his bunny brother that he is too small to help with the preparation.  Bean hops off alone and comes across the ultimate nemesis – the farmer’s dog.  Nobody believes Bean has seen it until it’s too late and the dog breaks free!  Bean must come up with a plan to outwit the dog.
“Nobody said being a bunny would be easy,” is a good reminder to us all, just substitute your own noun if you don’t like the rabbit reference.  When I’m struggling to walk, talk, climb, do things my mind says yes but my body says no to, Mummy reminds me that, “Nobody said being a baby would be easy.”  And she’s right.  I just take stock, breathe, pick myself up and try again.
It works for her too, although you have to pick your moment to remind her.  When she’s been up four times in the night, the house is a tip and I’ve just smeared breakfast all over her posh work outfit, Daddy might be wise not to remind her that, “Nobody said being a mummy would be easy,” and just assume as she clenches her fists and looks skyward that she’s saying it to herself.  I don’t think Daddy’s seen the film anyway.
Try it!  Next time you’re feeling the pressure, remember, “Nobody said being a bunny would be easy.” Even if it only makes you smile because you think it’s madness, it should lighten the load a bit.


  1. Anything touched by Jim Henson is a work of genius in my book. A great quote - I shall teach it to my two mischievous household bunnies for later deployment :)

  2. Thanks, Rachel, agreed - a true master! Hope your bunnies like it :)

  3. Thsi reminds me of one of Sir's favourite sayings...."If it was easy, anyone could do it"....made me pull my socks up and knuckle down a time or two I can tell you, but then it always felt a bit like a challenge.

    Lovely post


  4. Love the quote and the post! I will definitely give it a try... ;o)

  5. Thanks Molly, much appreciated. Hope my version of Sir's sayings works too.

    Good luck with it, Funky Wellies - hope it works for you too :)


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