Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Crying Down

I am not a fan of crying down at night. In fact, I'm not a fan of crying down at any time. Thankfully, it doesn't happen very often, but I hate that Mummy and Daddy seem to think they have the upper hand. I also hate whoever gave them the suggestion in the first place.

Mummy's too soft for the "cry it out" method where they'd just leave me to get on with it, but with "crying down," one of them will come back after five minutes, then seven, and so on. I never get past nine minutes before sleep gets the better of me anyway, so it's not really an ordeal for any of us, and we've only ever done it a handful of times.

Tonight was one of those times. Mummy came back in after five minutes and I was still raging. She just wouldn't listen. "Night night," she said, "Time to sleep," she said, and then left. AAAAAHH! Fury! Just listen to what I'm saying!!

She came back after another seven minutes. I was standing up by this point, shaking the cot. I'd taken my pyjama bottoms off and thrown them as far across the room as I could. She got the message and checked my nappy. Thank goodness! I had had a small accident, and I was not prepared to sleep in it.

And that was all it took. Mummy's more upset about the whole thing than I am, and that can't be a bad thing. She wasn't going through her old list of checks when I cry - hunger, cold, nappy etc. She could do with a bit of a refresher! So tired, it just needed a bit better communication. She needs to think a bit more carefully until I can speak.

Sweet dreams, people!



  1. What a lovely lil post. I too am not a fan of the cry it out method. I'm a lil soft on amelia. Try not to be too hard on your mummy tho, sometimes it gets a lil too much for us when we just want some 'me time' Good night CB. Sweet dreams. X

  2. Sometimes mummies and daddies misinterpret howls - it happens. (And it goes the other way too! If I had a penny for every time Bat has thought I was murdering her when actually I just wanted to clean her teeth...)

  3. Well Chatty baby, your mum needs to do a sniff test after the first 5 minutes..

    You will soon be going to the land of nod without a cry, just wait and see...

  4. Thanks White Lily Mummy. I'll try and give her a little more slack. She can be so frustrating sometimes though!

    Thanks, Gingembre, reassuring to know that Bat is in a similar place. And pass on my congratulations for Bat's first steps! Exciting times!

    Frankie, you're absolutley right. I think she's learned her lesson and she won't forget the sniff test again. Thanks for your comment.


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