Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What? Wednesday

It's the inaugural What? Wednesday meme over at Mammasaurus today. The idea is, you draw yourself a picture on a Post-It note (other sticky notes are available) with your blog URL, and then you stick it somewhere. Anywhere. So, here's my picture, and below, a photo of it in the baby aisle at Morrisons because they're having a baby event at the moment and I thought other mummies and babies needed to know about my blog.  A bit of a giggle :)


  1. Ha ! Loving the ducky ! I must admit I have a shop based note in my mind for next weeks one !
    If I found that note in Morrisons I'd take a photo of it and look you up when I got home !!!
    Great :)

  2. Thanks, Mammasaurus - great idea, great fun. I'm already working on next week's post.

  3. Nice!

    I like this meme


  4. Me too, Northern Mum. Thanks for stopping by.


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