Friday, 12 August 2011

I Believe I Can Fly!

Mummy says I'm going to take my first flight soon. I can hardly contain my excitement! I'm into everything new at the moment. If only Mummy were looking forward to flying with a baby. You see, Daddy's driving and he'll meet us there so Mummy will have to travel with me on her own. Lucky for her, it's just a short flight.

She's been asking lots of people for tips for trouble-free travel with an almost-toddler (no, I still can't do it on my own!) and she has quite a list coming on. If we were going further afield, we'd be printing Adventures of a Working Mum's tips and following them to the letter! Daddy says this is practice and if I'm good, we might go on a 'proper holiday' soon. If Mummy has an ounce of sense, and she's as desperate for a trip abroad as she says, she'll say it was a breeze whatever happens. Which means I could have a bit of fun!

I know she has a bit of a plan, along these lines:

Bribes! There is a bag of new toys for me to distract me at key moments. Knowing how much I like presents, Mummy is wrapping them individually for me to prolong the suspense.
Drinks: This is partly because she doens't want to remortgage to buy a drink on a 'low-cost' airline, but also because the drink will help me through popping ears on take off and landing. I think she might even take my dummy even though that's usually just for bed time.
Snacks: There are some chocolate buttons in the bag (illicit gems where the surprise will be as much of a distraction as the chocolate itself) but also the usual suspects; raisins, rice cakes, carrot crisps. We'll leave things like bananas and fruit purees at home because we'll assume we'll be sitting next to at least one stranger and you know what a messy eater I am.
The outrage is that I'm not old enough to get my own seat, I have to travel on Mummy's knee, but I still have to pay half price for the privilege! Travelling on Mummy's knee is going to be horrific. I really don't think I'll be able to sit still that long, and being totally honest, I've been a bit of a madam this week. I will not be put in my car seat without a fight at the moment, and I am prone to a terrible tantrum now and then, (at least three times a day!) where I throw myself to the ground and scream and bang my fists.



  1. The best thing your mummy can do is keep clam! She will never see the other passengers again so who cares if they tut when you get bored and throw a wobbly. Suggest to your Mummy that she tries to sit near other children and hope they make more noise than you! I personally try and plonk my older children near a baby because it keeps them entertained for some of the flight.

  2. Ah I remember those days, trampling on parents, refusing to nap - but just wait until you are 3. You get to play iPads and DS games all the way there. Then your Mummy will just get stressed about how much battery power she has left! Have fun!

  3. Hey, I just saw you made it into the Tots 100 rankings! Well done!

  4. I hope Mummy will keep calm - she can be such an embarrassment when she's stressed! I love older kids, so hopefully we can sit near some.

  5. Hi GG. I'm looking forward to the days of computer games.

    And yes, Tots100! Hurrah! The lofty heights of 717! I aspire to your status, but baby steps as they say.


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