Wednesday, 20 July 2011

What To Pack For Your Baby's Holiday

I think I need a holiday.  Moreover, I think Mummy and Daddy need a holiday.  Everyone we know seems to be planning something exciting at the moment, whether that’s in grown-ups’ eyes, or little people’s.  The problem is, we all seem to want something slightly different.  No, wildly different!  Mummy wants a beach and some heat, even if only for a couple of days, so she can just chill out and recharge her batteries.  Daddy’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie and wants “some action.”   As for me, I’m happy with some ducks to throw breadcrumbs at and maybe a spot of swimming. 

Given everything that’s going on with us at the moment , I suspect we’ll end up on a long weekend, maybe a week, somewhere in the UK.  Which suits me.  Pleasing one out of three ain’t bad, as long as it’s this one!

When Mummy and I went to France last year, she wrote a list of everything she needed to take for me, because she had such severe nappy brain.  Remember, this was the lady who’s left the house without the formula to make up a bottle and who’s left the change bag at home, so it was definitely a good idea.  She prints out two copies of the checklist whenever we go somewhere – one so we don’t forget anything on the way out, and one to make sure we bring it all home again.

I was only dinky last year so it’s aimed very much at very small babies.  It might be useful as it stands if you’re a new mummy, and if you’re an old hand at travelling with children, is there anything Mummy should add now she’s travelling with a toddler?

Car seat.  Very obvious is you’re driving, but perhaps not so if you’re flying.  Worth investigating if your hire car place have them to save you checking one in
Blanket x 2.  You never know when it’s going to get a bit nippy.  We always had a spare because I was a very sicky baby
Baby sling.  Mummy’s must-have item last summer when it was the only time I would sleep.  She walked miles.
Buggy wheels!  Mummy’s never going to forget these again after they forgot them on our very first outing.  Worth considering a lightweight, cheaper stroller if you need to put it in a hold

Scarf.  Last year, I was still breastfeeding and Mummy felt more comfortable in some places being able to give us a bit more privacy – if the scarf was already part of her outfit, we blended in even more
Breast pump.  Mummy didn’t have enough milk to warrant the effort, but if you’re using one, don’t forget it!
Formula.  Take enough to last you (me!) for holiday in case your brand is not available.  Not likely to be a problem if you’re holidaying in the UK, but knowing how fussy some babies can be, it’s not worth the gamble.
Steriliser. If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know we won’t be bothering with that this year.  In fact, we didn’t take it last year – Mummy boiled everything in a big pan every night – but if you’re in a hotel, it might be worthwhile
Snacks. For all of us!  Daddy and I share a special character trait whereby there is a complete meltdown if we get hungry.  Immediate food is the only cure.  Mummy packs emergency chocolate to calm her own nerves.
Food. Again, depending on where you’re going, it might be worth packing some jars or packets of food in case there isn’t always something suitable when you’re eating out.
Bibs and wipes


At least 2 full outfits for every day you’re away.  Make sure the selection includes things with long sleeves and long legs to cover up if the sun’s really strong, and warm clothes because even hot countries can get pretty chilly once the sun goes down.
Hats. Whatever the weather, make sure you have an appropriate hat for your little one.


Bubble bath
Baby lotion
Nail clippers/file
First aid kit


Nappies (including swim nappies) and associated kit, like wipes and nappy cream
Travel cot. (unless you know there will be one when you get there)
Sleeping bags/blankets.
Baby monitor, if you use one.
Blackout blind.  We didn’t have one last year, but Mummy wishes she’d had one and it’s on the list this year!

So, any hints for additions gratefully received.  Bon voyage if you’re off anywhere soon!



  1. Your mum is so organised! So, for toddler tips it's more about keeping them entertained than other equipment as by then they will eat everything an adult eats and may even be in a proper bed. I'd recommend a good stash of play activities e.g. playdough, scissors (give them your old magazines and they're happy snipping away for hours!), books, music and stories for the car, and wet weather gear if it carries on like this! I'm also a fan of the tiddle pad in case of 'accidents' in the car. Hope you get your holiday! x

  2. I'd say that if they have a comfort object - blanket, toy, whatever - then don't forget to take it along. It's invaluable for getting them to sleep in a strange place. But definitely don't forget to bring it back again either!

  3. Thanks Working Mum - loving the idea of the tiddle pad! Some good suggestions - you've obviously done this before.

    A good tip, Gingembre - I'm sure Hell hath no fury like a baby without its comforter!


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