Monday, 8 August 2011

The Gallery: Water

I’m sharing some more photos with you all today, inspired by The Gallery on the Sticky Fingers blog.  The theme is Water this week.
I had a mini-break back in the winter at the Cotswold Water Park, with Mummy and Daddy, of course.  This was our view of the water:

Mummy kept saying how peaceful it was.  We didn’t do any water sports (it was the wrong time of year for the wildlife) but we were able to visit some of the local hostelries in the interest of warming up after a brisk walk!
This is me and Daddy, reaching the end of the road.  I say road, but it was a track at best.  As you might expect from somewhere calling itself a water park, there was a lot of it about.

To me, water is the source of all my best fun; swimming, my bath, the paddling pool, and best of all, Hairy Dog’s drinking bowl where I wash my socks.


  1. Aw, we have a hairy ,smelly dogs water bowl and I caught Ozzy (2) with both his feet wedged in it!Water rocks! When you are older your mummy can give you a paintbrush and pot of water and you'll have so much fun "painting" the outside of the house :)

  2. That's a cracking idea, Mammasaurus! I'm getting Mummy to file it in a sade place till I'm big enough.

  3. that looks such a beautiful place but agree water is far mroe fun if you can get your hands in it :)

  4. Thanks Sarah. I discovered puddles today, too!


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