Sunday, 28 August 2011

Little Photos From Little Fingers

I’ve been tagged in another meme by Mammasaurus, this time a photo opportunity.  A chance to showcase some of my snaps! Although I did have some help from Mummy, the composition is all my own.

So, to carry on the fun, I’m passing the photo baton to the following bloggers.  Well, their little ones, anyway:
Adventures of a Working Mum
Manana Mama
Actually Mummy. . .
Sarah Mum of 3
Working Mum of Four


  1. Great photo's Z! I think you are more creative than Mummy! x

  2. Thanks Ali - I try my best! CB x

  3. Chatty Baby you are a whizz with the camera ! I feel a Chatty Baby Photo Blog coming on !

    Very cool - loving the photos - I spy hairy dog !

  4. Very arty - love the bunny! Right, I'll have to dig out the camera and let Toddler-Not-So-Tiny-Temper do her worst! x

  5. Thanks Mammasaurus. You did spy Hairy Dog, yes - he's a talented footballer.

    Good news, Working Mum! Looking forward to seeing TNSTT's efforts :)

  6. ohhh great post I love this idea, I have several pic that my three have took over the years off to hunt them out :D

  7. Thanks CB here's mine:
    And you absolutely have to click the Google link in the post - funniest thing I have ever seen!


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