Wednesday, 10 August 2011

That's Not My Mummy!

I have a healthy collection of “That’s Not My XXX” books and I thought I’d write my own.  It’s not illustrated yet, but I’ll come to that.  It’s called “That’s not my Mummy” and it goes like this:
That’s not my mummy – her hair is too tidy.
That’s not my mummy – her clothes are too clean.
That’s not my mummy – her tea is so hot.
That’s not my mummy – her house is so organised.
THAT’S my mummy – she has such dark circles under her eyes!
And that’s my book!  How would your babies identify you?


  1. Hahahaha, CB love this post. Amelia's favourite book is 'that's not my baby her hat's too soft'. Xx

  2. Hmm, at the moment i would be "thats my mummy - the shouty one".. School holidays!!

  3. Love it! I think Toddler-Not-So-Tiny-Temper's book would say:- that's my mummy, her face is so scowly (T-N-S-T-T has been waking up around 5 am for a couple of days with nightmares so the mood is less cheery than usual) x

  4. Hahahaha! This sounds about right to me!

  5. Or alternatively, "that's my mummy - she's just trodden on yet another raisin and is trying not to swear".

  6. Some great suggestions, ladies, thank you!

    White Lily Mummy - I'm missing the baby book. Must sort that out.

    Frankie - hope the holidays get easier. The end must be almost in sight.

    Working Mum - more little TNSTT! Hope the nightmares ease off and you all get a bit more sleep.

    Gingembre - hope you've found all the raisins, one way or another!

    Love all your comments, thanks for taking the time.


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