What The Duck?

Have you found one of my ducks?  I’ve been setting them free around the country.  The idea was inspired by the What?Wednesday meme at Mammasaurus whereby participants posted a note with their blog address to publicise the site.  I loved it!
After a few weeks, the notes just weren’t enough for me any more.  I needed a bigger weekly fix and so the ducks appeared, and disappeared, in my own little Duckie Jailbreak.
You get the idea – a balloon release, a message in a bottle . . . Basically, if you find one of my ducks, there are instructions on how to get in touch.  I’d love it if you would take my duck somewhere else, somewhere exciting – they want to see the world!  Take a photo of it on location so I can update this page with its progress, and we’ll see how far they get!
Make sure you pop back to this page to see how they’re doing.

31 August 2012

Duck 1 is back!  Well, when I say that, he's reported in.  He's actually thousands of miles away in Boston!  He has spent a few months with lovely Ulysse and Achille, who did indeed take him to Luxembourg, and then on to the USA where they have now passed him to neighbours aged 8 and 5.

22 May 2012

My most-travelled, jet-setting duck, Duck 1, spent Easter in Lanzarote!  Thanks to Charlotte and Thalia for looking after him there.  They think he was heading to Luxembourg :)

Here he is, sunning himself by the pool:

6 February 2012

First Duckie Contact for 2012 comes from Duck 4 who boarded a train from London to Manchester. Here he is:

8 December 2011
My last pre-Christmas duck is now out there, left today at the Christmas market in Bath.  I left him at the stand of Up To Seven who make gorgeous children’s clothes – I’m hoping for one of their strawberry hats in my stocking!
Here’s the picture to prove it.  My little quacker is on the table at the bottom left of the picture – look carefully - with the booties.  He was gone by the time I came back so I’m hoping someone will take him on.

7 December 2011
It’s all gone a bit quiet on the duck front of late.  I was hoping people would be busy travelling around doing exciting things before Christmas, but I guess they’re just too busy instead.  I released another two this week, one at South Mimms services off the M25 (in a London Bus toddler ride) and the second under the Christmas tree at Fleet services on the southbound M3. 
Fingers crossed they go far!

30 November 2011

No word from any of my duckies! :(  I hope they're all being looked after, wherever they are in the world.  Hoping for news soon.

17 November 2011

There is no stopping Duck 5! He left Bere Regis and went to Rome to see the sights. Here's a picture of Duckie at the Trevi Fountain.  We think he was possibly picked up by an American lady so who knows where we'll hear from him next! Imagine if he crosses the Atlantic!

7 November 2011
Duck 5, who I last saw in central London on 1 November, is living it up at the Dorest Golf & Country Club in Bere Regis near Poole.  An update from someone who found him there suggests he's off to Italy this week!

4 November 2011
Duck 1, my first duck to be collected, has reported in again – he sent more photos from the Trossachs in Scotland. 
Big love to the Wilde family from Somerset who found the duck on their car (West Country Ales) and to the beautiful Daisy who posed with my duckie in the photos below at The Lade Inn near Callander.  Once he left there, he went on to Tigh Mor (2 November update).

Can’t wait to see where he ends up next!

2 November 2011:
Duck 1 is in bonnie Scotland!  Here's the evidence, perched outside Tigh Mor in the Trossachs.
Duck 2 is in St Austell in Cornwall, hoping to be picked up sometime this week.

Duck 3 was picked up in Cheddar Gorge but has not been heard of since.  MIA - missing in action.

And Ducks 4, 5 and 6 were released in London yesterday.  Watch this space . . .



  1. Duck 5 reporting in......mission accomplished and am currently resting at the Dorset Golf and Country Club just outside Bere Regis. Tricky journey due to weather and dodging fireworks. Am currently waiting for my next adventure - not sure when, or indeed where, or even with who ? Quack, quack - over and out.

  2. Oh this is genius! Genius!

  3. Thanks Kate and Debbie - I'm really enjoying it so far. Keep an eye out for one of the ducks; who knows where they'll end up next and there are still three out there Missing In Action.

  4. Blimey they are off off and away! Great stuff !!!!

  5. Hi, Me and my three year old daughter may have to pinch this idea l think its great, she will love it!!

  6. Duck 6 Has been spotted in Noss Mayo,Devon
    I wonder where his travels will take him next. Will report back!

  7. Thanks for the update, Harriet and Hannah - looking forward to hearing more from Duck 6 soon. He was last seen in a black cab in London before Christmas!

  8. Duck 1 was spotted in Lanzarote. Photo has been sent to chattybaby@hotmail.co.uk.

    We think he was heading to Luxembourg. :-)

    Charlotte and Thalia

  9. Duck 6 Has Had a busy year visiting Swimming Galas and Athletics meets

    Was last seen on the ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier.
    Photos to follow

    Harriet and Hannah

  10. Thanks so much, Harriet and Hannah! What an amazing journey Duck 6 is having :) Looking forward to seeing the pictures.


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