Saturday, 13 August 2011

Chatty Baby’s First Steps!

Mummy’s had my baby book out today to record the long-awaited milestone that is my first steps.  I’ve been teasing her for a while now, and she was a good girl today so I think she’s earned it.
We had lunch with our lovely mummy and baby friends, and then we went swimming, but I guess today you want to hear about the big news.
I’ve been able to squat and stand, cruise, and walk while clutching a parent’s finger with my vice-like grip for some time now, just haven’t really fancied stepping out unaccompanied.  I have some great push-along toys, and even some improvised ones that need a bit of imagination.  I’ve been clambering all over furniture and climbing stairs, grooving to my favourite tunes and Daddy’s Bon Jovi CDs, but it’s the unaided steps that have been eluding me.
I’ve been walking everywhere this week.  Round and round the garden, all over the house, from the door to the car and back again, with anyone who will help me; Mummy, Daddy, Grandma.  Mummy came back from the shop tonight and I was on the drive with Daddy, chatting with the neighbours.  I was really pleased to see her and she plonked the bags on the ground and knelt down to see me.  To be honest, I didn’t even really think about it, I just toddled across towards her, step, step, step, step, wobble and down.  I thought she was going to cry.
So there it is.  A bit of an anti-climax, if you ask me. I might give it another go tomorrow, I might not.  We’ll see what the day brings.


  1. awww That is a big step! How lovely! Just found your blog and love it. Following you now. xx

  2. Thanks ladies! Really appreciate your comments. You should have seen me today - there's no stopping me!x

  3. oh well done baby, you've doing real well, keep giving it ago and you'll soon be running around, think of all the fun you'll have then :D


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