Saturday, 22 December 2012

Drum Roll, Please . . . Introducing BABY SISTER!

I must tell you about my girl!  Mummy says she now has two beautiful girls but I know this new one is mine. “This is my girl,” I tell Mummy as I poke the baby’s face.

Hers, mine – who cares?!  I’m now a Big Sister!  We have a new baby, imaginatively called Baby Sister.  She’s pretty cute, and I absolutely adore her.  She has far more hair than I did when I arrived, and she’s much better behaved (so says Mummy). I say it’s their own fault – Mummy and Daddy wanted a “spirited” girl when they had me, and that’s what they got.

BS doesn’t do much yet – I was expecting an instant playmate but she’s actually quite dull – and we’ve had her two months already so I hope she gets a move on soon.  I’m pretty good at sharing The Olds with her, but sometimes it’s only right that I get priority.  You’d be surprised at how a baby’s cry suddenly makes me desperate for a wee! Spooky, eh?

She has her own room but she’s hardly ever there when I go in with my stool looking to interest her in a game of some sort – it’s as if she’s hiding from me.  Hey! Or being hidden!

I’m going to be a great big sister, I just know it.  I’m sure she’ll post from time to time when she’s bigger like me and can master the keyboard.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone!

CB x


  1. What a beautiful little sister you have! I'm sure you will be a brilliant big sister :-)

  2. Waaaaah!!! 2 months already??? Chatty where have you been ?? Congratulations on your new sis. In no time you'll have taught her how to wind up mummy ;)

  3. Awww! Too cute too cute! I hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas! xxxx


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