Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What? Wednesday!

Fear not, I remembered it was Wednesday in the nick of time!   We’re all on holiday this week so all the days are merging into one, but I remembered while we were out today.  I’m afraid my image is a little weak, and technically it’s not a post-it note (it’s on the back of our receipt) but I’m with you, Mammasaurus!
So, a quick explanation – the first picture is a close-up of my note.  Feeble, as I said. The second is it in situ, in the cow-shed cafe at Tyntesfield House, a National Trust property near Bristol. The tables are all in the old stalls, and some of the feeding ‘furniture’ is still there.  This is what the cows would have eaten their hay from.


  1. I know it's about the note and not about the receipt - but it looks like you paid £0.00 cash - so whatever you bought that was pretty good going! Well done with the What? Wednesday, hope to join in next week!

  2. Well spotted, Pictorialmum! Mummy and Daddy are NT members so we skipped in for nothing. I'll be back to the more conventional post-it next week.

  3. Ha ! great stuff ! I bet a fair few people had to do a comedy double take look at that !


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