Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Pool Closure

I hope you all had a good weekend.  I went swimming with Mummy.  We hadn’t been for a while but we were both really looking forward to it.  We realised quite how long it had been when the pool was closed because the timetable had changed.  “Come back in two hours.”
The day was turning into a pretty good jolly by this time – Mummy decided to take me out for lunch first, then back to the pool in the afternoon. I ate loads!  Cauliflower and broccoli cheese – yum.
So, there we were, splashing around, having great fun.  I think it’s hilarious when I jump around and my head goes under the water a bit.  It’s so exciting that I sometimes forget to close my mouth and if I don’t spit the water at Mummy, I swallow it.  A lot of water in a short space of time can be very dramatic ; ask anyone who’s ever seen a flash flood! 
I don’t know if it was the amount of swimming pool I shipped, or the speed I ate my lunch, but ‘flash flood’ is a pretty accurate description of the recycled veg as it hit the pool.  Mummy froze as I spluttered, not really sure what to do.  What is one supposed to do in that sort of situation?  She grabbed the filter-blocking sized chunks and whisked me off to report the incident to the lifeguard.
I think Mummy was mortified by the whole thing, but you know me, I like to test just how far she’ll go.  While she was talking to the nice pool lady, I was wriggling about and managed to shift the swim nappy just enough that when I weed, it went all over Mummy!  Ha ha!  She didn’t even flinch, but she wouldn’t look me in the eye as the warm patch spread over her tummy and down her leg.  She just kept talking.  No, I haven’t been ill.  No, this hasn’t happened before.
I closed the pool.  That’s quite a claim to fame, I think!  I’m sorry for all the other little babies who were having a nice time with their parents and had their fun cut short; the session had only started 15 minutes earlier, so they hadn’t had long.  It may be a while before I get to swim again so I’ll suggest to Mummy that we call before we go next time.  And I bet we go for a morning session, before lunch!


  1. I have just laughed so hard at this story!!
    Well done CB, closing a pool at such a young age is an achivement.
    x x

  2. Glad to be of service, Rhian :) Thanks for your comment.


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