Friday, 24 February 2012

Are We Nearly There Yet?

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that I've been invited to be part of the Sainsbury's Bank blogger network.  This is a guest post from the friendly folks over there:

I don’t know why Mummy and Daddy do long car journeys, because we always end up going to the same place – it’s called ‘There’. Have you heard of it? When I was really little and Mummy or Daddy drove me in the car, I didn’t mind that much. The rumbling of the wheels was lovely and soothing and it must have made me fall asleep, because when I opened my eyes again we would always be at ‘There’ and one of them would be taking me out of my seat.
But now it’s just so boring and it’s hard to sit still when all I want to do is explore and play.
Mummy gives me lots of toys to play with, but if I drop one of my animals, how can I pick it up again if I am strapped into my seat? If Mummy and Daddy are in the front, there’s nobody to get it for me, so the best thing to do is scream my head off. That makes them decide it’s time to stop and take a break.
One good thing about long trips in the car is that I always get lots of lovely treats to eat. I love yummy pieces of fruit with yoghurt. Blueberries are nice too – very squishy and great for painting your face with.  But I only get food in Mummy’s car because Daddy’s is too new and shiny.
That means we have to stop regularly for food and drink. After we eat we try and go outside, because Mummy and Daddy say they need to stretch their legs. They never really stretch their legs, though – they just walk around a bit. If they don’t, they get all grumpy and start arguing over a thing called a map.
After lunch I like to have a nap. Mummy and Daddy never fall asleep like me – they take turns to drive. They can do this because they are both on the car insurance, which is a special cushion that you use to stop your back aching when you drive.
Usually when I wake up we are at ‘There’ again. Funny sort of place, ‘There’ – it looks different each time we visit.

Neither I nor Mummy received payment for this post though as a part of the Sainsbury's Bank blogger network, we did receive a one-off £50 voucher.  We were under no obligation to publish the post but we liked it so we did.
CB x

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  1. Oh those people at Sainsbury's are very versatile aren't they - mine said exactly the same thing, but in slightly different words ;)


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