Saturday, 9 July 2011

Writing Workshop: Simple Pleasures

This is my first foray into the Writing Workshop hosted by Sleep Is For The Weak, and I’m quite excited by it! My next step in the blogging world.
I want to tell you about what made today special, and mean something to me. It’s been a really lovely day, actually.  The weather threatened to ruin it for a while, but in the end it was perfect.  My little village had a bit of a gathering – a picnic for everyone to get together, have a catch up and share some grub.  People aren’t that keen on sharing mine though because I tend to squeeze it through my fingers as I offer it to them.
What was so lovely about it was everyone spending time together.  I went with Mummy and Daddy, but when we arrived I went to play with the big kids while M and D talked about boring grown-up stuff with other parents.  I came back to eat with them but shot off again afterwards and they mingled with other folk.
I was the life and soul, of course.  I instigated an impromptu game of “follow my leader” and crawled round the field with everyone else following.  It made Mummy feel proud and a bit sad at the same time; proud that I’m confident enough to go and socialise with other people, but sad that she felt her baby was literally moving away from her, growing up almost as she watched me eating dirt and climbing on the wooden frames.  I’m not a baby any more, Mummy!
It encapsulated everything that village life means, back to basics, if you like.  Young and old, all together, enjoying the summer sunshine.  Very informal, do as you please, and we all had a great day.


  1. That sounds like a perfect afternoon, CB. It's wonderful to be part of a community like yours. Old and young; we all benefit from each other. Keep up the good work with "Follow my Leader"!

  2. That sounds idyllic and makes me yearn for village life for my family. CB sounds like he enjoyed it too!

  3. What a fantastic day! Village life is so lovely for children.

  4. Sounds very wonderful indeed. A joy to read :)

    Here's my post:

  5. You've captured the warmth of the occasion beautifully and no matter how big you get, CB, you will always be your mummy's baby x

  6. Thanks all for your positive comments, it really does mean a lot for to someone not all that confident with blogging yet! Thank you.

    I am picking up tips through reading all your blogs, I hope!

    CB x


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