Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Existence Of The Yummy Mummy

Is Yummy Mummy still the ultimate goal for new mothers?  It seems to me, the definition is not quite as appealing as it might have been.  The label now is almost derogatory, as if you’re letting some element of your parenting slip in order to preserve your immaculate appearance.
Today’s version (does she have a title yet?) combines the ability to juggle everything from motherhood, through domestic goddess-dom, home-baking, paid work, some kind of volunteering and of course an eco-cause to fight.  And she still looks presentable at all times.  I think they put too much pressure on themselves, but perhaps I'll talk about that another time!
Having babies has changed her, but the change might just be in outlook; priorities are different, but the saggy tummy or black circles could still be familiar.
There’s no doubt for my mummy that she’d rather be yummy than slummy, remembering the historic aspiration.  As is it, all the toys and other associated ‘stuff’ that comes with a baby has now taken over the happy home somewhat.  It’s more Melissa & Doug than Molton Brown at our house these days.
Much as she’d love to look perfectly coiffured and manicured to drop me off at nursery, Mummy realises it’s not a reflection of how good a mummy she is at all.  And thankfully she has realised it!  I think a lot of mummies waste too much time worrying about what other people think, whether that’s healthcare professionals or other mummies, and for a while I thought Mummy was stressing too much.
Mummy thinks the secret to being yummy is often in the small things, and in the things she does for herself.  Like maybe a dab of lipgloss and perfume, even if she’s using dry shampoo and scraping her hair back into a pony tail because she hasn’t had time to wash it.


  1. Scrummy Mummy maybe? It has taken me years to realise some of the things that your Mummy has already CB. I thionk all mummies need to find the balance where their baby's needs are met fully but the needs of the Mummy are met too. Happy Mummy = Happy Baby. A good example of taking care of yourself so that you are able to take care of others effectively showed itself to me when I first flew with my children. Initially when I was instructed, in the event of an emergency, that I should sort out my own oxygen mask before helping my children I was shocked "What mother would do that? It goes against every instinct to protect your children from harm!" But wait...what is the point of passing out while sorting out thier masks so that they are then left to fend for themselves in such an awful situation? Mummies are important!

  2. Scrummy Mummy is good! You're so right about Happy Mummy equalling Happy Baby. I certainly pick up on Mummy's cues. Mummies are important and I love your flying example. I'll make sure Mummy takes good care of herself so she's at her best for me. It makes sense!


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