Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Human Tragedy Warning From UNHCR In Somalia

It seems that another massive human tragedy has crept up on us.  Obviously it has been brewing for some considerable time, but I haven’t heard all that much about it at all until this week.
The worst drought in 60 years has hit the horn of Africa, and Somalia in particular.
Hearing about how many babies and their families are in such a weak state their lives are unlikely to be saved is just so terrible.  It makes me so grateful for what I have here.
The UN has set up refugee camps in neighbouring Ethiopia and Kenya but many people trying to reach them are so malnourished that they never reach their destination.  How devastating!  And in an area that has suffered for so long with civil war and violence, and no government for 20 years.
The numbers affected are quite astounding.  I think of myself throwing my food around and having tantrums because I just don’t fancy something one day, and Mummy just produces something else.  It does make me a bit ashamed because we just don’t realise how good we have it.
I haven’t seen any appeals in this country yet.  The shop I usually get trolley rides in has a box behind the tills to collect tins of food, but for the local cats rescue and not these starving, displaced humans.  I know people in this country love their pets, but together we must be able to do something.  I wonder if it’s just easier to get on with our own lives and pretend it’s not happening?  I hope not.

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