Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Get Out Of The Pushchair And Get Some Exercise!

Is it me, or are we getting completely obsessed with weight and exercise?  It seems everyone has an opinion on what we should eat, how much, how frequently.  My friends and I have all had our 12 month checks relatively recently and while you’d expect us to get weighed and have diet discussed in some detail, we each had contradictory advice.  Weird.

Now, according to several of the national newspapers, we have to do at least 3 hours of exercise a day, too!  I am genuinely amazed that there are official guidelines for how much activity babies and toddlers should be doing.
Of course, it’s the parents’ fault again because you ‘restrain’ us in highchairs or buggies, and that’s now risking our health.  What?!  I’m afraid I just cannot believe babies spend so many hours a day strapped down that a report has to be written specifying how much activity we should be getting.
At least it acknowledges that this ‘exercise’ isn’t meant to be like adults – you’re not going to be seeing a rush of toddler treadmills hitting the shops – because often we’re not even walking, let alone ready to grapevine our way across the sitting room.  That’s where it loses the plot a bit though because it suggests the activity takes various forms including skipping and riding a bike!  Ha ha!  Now it might be that I am very behind the times, backward even, but I don’t know anyone under 5 who has a bike, let alone can ride one.  I can just about shuffle a little wheelie car.
I don’t watch television, I’m too busy emptying my Mega Bloks all over the floor, or washing my socks in Hairy Dog’s water bowl.  I would say I’m always on the move, so hopefully that discounts me from this prescribed, timed power-walking!
Don’t forget to stretch afterwards!


  1. Maybe you should accompany your mum to Zumba - sounds like you'd be more coordinated than her and I'm sure you wouldn't forget your shoes!

  2. Interesting one...I don't drive so my children get plenty of walking/running exercise but I do think it's more difficult if you drive everywhere and then use a buggy. If you have to rush around a buggy makes jobs can be much quicker. Personally I haven't used a buggy beyond the age of 2 with either of mine but am fortunate in that I have a lifestyle that allows me to take my time doing things like shopping with a dawdling 2 year old or walking rather than rushing around in a car.

  3. I think you're right. I'm not anti-buggy. I think the issue is when children are kept in the buggy once the jobs have been completed, almost doing a babysitting job. I'm confident enough in my forthright attitudes that once I can walk, Mummy will have no choice but to let me toddle beside the buggy!


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