Thursday, 7 July 2011

Silly Mistake, Mummy

Mummy made a schoolgirl error today. She's decided recently that she needs to do something about her mummy-tummy so she's started Zumba. That's hilarious in itself - anyone who knows my mummy knows that her co-ordination leaves a lot to be desired; the instructor's going left, Mummy's going right, they're pushing, she's pulling. 

The mistake was not thinking the prep through properly today.  She got ready in plenty of time, thinking she’d be able to spend a bit more time with me before bed.  Clever, but it was only when she got to the sports centre that she realised she was still wearing her flip-flops.  So, the dilemma; sneak off before any noticed and pretend she was never there, or carry on but go barefoot.  She took the high-impact option, and will probably feel it in the morning. I’ll maybe give her an easier time tomorrow.

It seems to be a trait she and Daddy share – they have both been known to make silly mistakes if they jump into something too soon or without thinking it through.  My favourite example of this is our first outing.  Two proud rookie parents, out with the baby for the first time.  We went to register my birth.  We had my hat, the change bag, all the documents we needed.  Just not the wheels for my buggy.  Daddy’s arms were aching at the end of that trip, carrying me in my car seat!  The buggy lives in the car now, never to be left again.

I’m not suggesting they have a physical checklist for every time they go out, but it would save them some red cheeks if they just stopped for a second and thought it through.  Or communicated better amongst themselves.  They’re both guilty of assuming the other has checked things, or packed the bags.  We went to a party last weekend, when the weather was so gorgeous, and the change bag stayed home to keep the dog company.  And the suncream. Oops!  If they would just speak to each other first!  They’ll learn.



  1. Just get used to laughing at them. My Mummy drove us to school yesterday and then walked home. My teacher tied her dog up outside school while she dropped off her kids and then went straight to work. It's an affliction that will not end until we leave home, and by then they will be senile anyway x

  2. I'm getting pretty good at pointing and laughing. Not just at them, but at passers-by too - I think I ofended a woman in the supermarket last week when I laughed at her. No subtlety at all :)

  3. Your poor mum! I've mistakenly tried Zumba (they had a Zumba night at the community centre and I assumed it was a mojito and music evening) and it is hard enough in normal shoes let alone barefeet or flip flops. x

  4. Don't tell her I said so, but Mummy would far rather have taken the mojito route - she's not so much gym-bunny as gin-bunny!


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