Monday, 25 July 2011

Biting Talk

I need something to get my teeth into.  At the moment, that can be anything.  Mummy’s finger is a personal favourite, especially if I can get the nail before she sees me coming.  I even sank them into Hairy Dog’s nose yesterday!  Lucky for me he’s so patient.
I don’t know why I’m getting this urge at the moment.  I don’t mean to hurt anyone, and I’m not angry or sad necessarily.  I think it’s partly because I have new gnashers coming through, but I also get pretty frustrated. I want to walk, I want to talk, and I’m not doing either quickly enough for my already exacting self-imposed standards.  It’s not that I’m a naughty baby, I’m just trying to communicate! 
Mummy is finding it quite hard to grasp (unlike my teeth that are grasping her digits with some force!) that rather than trying to hurt her, I’m just desperate to show her how much I love her.  She’s good with words, I’m not yet.  I really miss her when she goes away and I just want to to express the strength of my feelings.  It might be a little unconventional for you grown-ups, but I know I’ll find a better way to communicate soon, and once I get over my current frustrations, I’m sure it’ll ease up a bit.
Can you believe some grown-ups think biting back is the best cure?!  “See how you like it,” sort of thing.  Well, I don’t like that you have many more teeth than me, or that the strength of your jaw is many times greater.  Thankfully, Mummy has more sense.  I don’t think she’s worried yet, but I’m pretty sure she’ll step in if it continues. 
She’s pretty stern when it comes to things like that and she’s not afraid of telling me I’ve done something that isn’t appropriate.  I just know by the tone of her voice.  It’s the one I hear when I eat pebbles on the drive or lunge at Daddy’s mug of coffee.   She’ll never tell me I’m naughty, but she does explain that my action upsets people.  I’m loving the “alternative” lesson at the moment – she’s teaching me about cuddles when I need to share a bit of love and I have to admit, it’s a good option.  It lasts a lot longer for me, and Mummy says there’s nothing like the feeling of having me snuggle into her neck and shoulder.  Put like that, I’m not sure I need the biting thing at all.
Aside from all of that, I’ve got my first molars coming through, and boy does that hurt!  We’ve dug out all my old teething toys from when the first little guys cut through my gums.  It won’t last forever.


  1. Ah, teeth... A never ending story! Good luck with the molars, and try and find a better way to show your love than biting... ;)

  2. Thanks, Funky Wellies. I was told off at nursery today - I bit another baby's finger! He deserved it! Mummy's hoping this isn't going to become a problem.


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