Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Memorable Birthday For Mummy

Quite the little joiner, I’m taking part in Sticky Fingers’ The Gallery for the first time.  The theme is travel. 
Like so many entries before me, it’s very difficult to choose a single image.  I’ve chosen this one.  It’s of my mummy on her tenth birthday (a long time ago!) watching the sun rise over Mt Bromo on the island of Java in Indonesia.   She was living on Java at the time and I know she has really fond memories of her time there, so it seemed like a good shot to share with you.
Mummy’s far better travelled than me but I hope to catch her bug.


  1. How cool is that? Your mummy's a lucky lady!

  2. Thanks Actually Mummy! She knows it - they had some great times :)


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