Friday, 22 July 2011

Things To Do With Your Summer Holiday

Mummy likes lists.  You might have gathered that over recent posts.  Her biggest problem is getting Daddy to use them.  He doesn�t like the calendar, he won�t write anything on the shopping list.

It looks like we�ll be opting for the Staycation this year, perhaps the odd night away here and there, or visiting relatives, so Mummy�s putting together a list of things for us to do in that time.

It�s not going to be like the list she has for things for Daddy to do, like mow the lawn, clean the gutters, paint the chicken coop.  No, it�s designed to make sure we don�t waste our time together discussing what we�ll do every day instead of actually going and doing it.  It�s not rigid (the holiday is meant to be fun, after all) so we�ll be able to assess the weather and how we�re feeling on any day.

The list won�t be a Must Do list, because we run the risk then of people being disappointed.  Rather, it�s a list of suggestions or �would-like-to-dos� so we have something to refer to when we�re stuck for ideas.  We read about lots of good ideas, or hear recommendations from  friends, but because we�re not on holiday at the time, we forget.  The List is a �working document,� and as it�s in its inception this summer, we�ll keep adding to it and referring to is as the time goes on.  I think it will really come into its own on the cold, wet days in the autumn.

Anyone is allowed to add to the list.  On the summer holiday, we�re planning to go to a butterfly farm (my idea), go kayaking (Daddy�s idea, and one that involves me and Mummy meeting him at a designated place) and join the teddy bear�s picnic at our local National Trust place (Mummy�s idea, believe it or not.)  It�ll have �regulars� like feeding the ducks, and I think they�ll already planning to take me to a carnival and a fireworks display this year � I was just too small last year.  And we already have panto tickets!

Mummy�s hoping we�ll be specific enough to avoid the usual weekend stalemates where we�ve agreed by 9am that we�ll go for a walk, but it�ll then take hours and lots of tears and huffs (just Daddy!) while we decide where that�ll be.  The Tourist Information Centre has lots of ideas for that sort of thing, with maps for walks and interesting things to look out for en route.  We�re collecting them.

We�re going to stick it on the fridge, so everyone can see it.  I just hope Mummy doesn�t make it too complicated, say if she tries too hard to categorise things � cheap outings, rainy day activities, things to do at home etc.  She�s getting excited about it already.  She has a book for me where she records all my �firsts� and little mementos of things I�ve done, but I have a feeling that might become a more accessible account somewhere in the kitchen, somewhere to remind us of the fun things we�ve done.

Today, we added visiting a soft play place and going to an aquarium, both on friends� recommendations.  No doubt you�ll hear about some of the things in the coming weeks!

Do let me know if you think there�s something I should definitely have on my list.



  1. Writing an uninspired day back up list is a great idea might have to give it a go!

  2. Glad to be of assistance, PAPT! :)


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