Friday, 3 June 2011

You Know You're A New Mummy When . . .

Hot on the heels of the ten things Mummy's learnt that I posted last week, I wondered is it really true that your life changes completely when you become a parent? Daddy says he has less money, less sleep and more worry since I came along, but I don’t believe it’s that different. I had a chat with Mummy about how she feels things have changed since having a baby. This is what she thinks – is she right?

You know you’re a New Mummy when . . .

-       You receive text messages before 7am – childless friends wouldn’t dream of contacting you before at least 9am, but other New Mummies know you’ll be awake
-       You don’t bother setting your alarm clock any more – you have something far more reliable that will wake you long before you need to be up.
-       Being awake at 10pm on a Friday is enough of a party for you.
-       You are suddenly more than happy to talk about another person’s bodily functions.
-       Who knew so much could be said about lack of sleep?!
-       Forget the pretty pedicure – a hot shower on your own is the new way to indulge yourself!
-       Complete strangers will approach you in the street, and you stop and chat away about things you’d have considered far too personal a few months ago.
-       Your perceptions of dignity have changed completely since childbirth
-       You sympathise with the parents of the child having a tantrum in public when just a few months ago you’d have shot them a “Shut-that-child-up” look
-       Who cares if you’re late for an appointment if you’ve had one last hug/kiss from your baby?!


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