Monday, 6 June 2011

There's An App For That!

Well, they say anything is possible, and with the latest tech, you can now give your baby the ultimate responsibility – let them choose their own name! And do it before they’re even born!!

The “Kick to Pick” programme for the iPhone was created after its inventor thought it was a shame that babies had no influence on what name they’re given, but they have to live with the consequences of their parents’ taste for what might well seem like an eternity.

It works like this: the machine randomly generates thousands of names and the mummy-to-be holds her phone beside her bump for the baby to kick it when it hears a name it likes. Weird. Thankfully, the parents can exert some sort of control, narrowing down by gender, for example, or overruling altogether. If they want to . . . They have their own website,, if you fancy giving it a go!

Poor old Tom Thom. Wasn’t he the Piper’s son? Or a navigation aid! You wonder what some of the celebrities were thinking when they came up with some of their sprogs’ names. The old favourites always do the rounds, but sometimes the old ones are the best (or the worst!). Here’s my selection of some I’ve found.

-          Buddy Bear Oliver. Jamie and Jools’s son. Sounds like something I’d watch on CBeebies!
-          Heavenly Hiraani Tiger-Lily Hutchence. You’d expect a rock-star to pick something a bit ‘out there,’ but Paula Yates already had form with Peaches, Pixie and Fifi Trixibelle!
-          Princess Tiaamii. Jordan and Peter Andre wanted something exotic. Hmmm. They’re limiting her career options for later life somewhat in my opinion. I can’t imagine employing a lawyer by this name, or telling Dr Tiaamii my personal issues!
-          Prince Michael II. Michael Jackson’s second son was unlucky with his unusual name in that it wasn’t even unique! Doubly unlucky because everyone referred to him by another name – Blanket! Ha ha! Actually, that’s my favourite but only because I love my own little blankie.

Just think about the consequences before you register your baby’s name officially! What might seem sweet or cute now might not in a few years time.


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