Monday, 13 June 2011

Party Bag Or Party Pooper?

I overheard a real party-pooper conversation recently.  Quite literally.  Two ladies who  don’t do party bags for their children’s parties!  Thanks goodness I was able to create a diversion before Mummy overheard them and got strange ideas
The gist of it was this: the day should be about the Birthday Girl or Boy, parents should not be dictated to by the children, who are usually rude and ungrateful anyway, and why should parents feel a requirement to compete with each other?
It sounds to me like they have a few issues they need to deal with!  My mummy and daddy would agree that children should not dictate, but Mummy says she and Daddy get a lot of pleasure from seeing little people’s faces when they are given something to keep themselves.  Needless to say, there were party bags at my party.
I think it was very obvious it was my day, but my guests were all very gracious while I opened my presents and it was lovely to spend the afternoon with them.  We even shared pre-licked carrot batons and mashed sandwiches.
As for rude and ungrateful, what nonsense!  Perhaps those ladies should be having a word with themselves about the people they’re hanging about with.  I can’t imagine my friends or their mummies and daddies allowing ungrateful behaviour.
Our party bags weren’t particularly fancy, so they didn’t cost Mummy all that much money, but they were something for each guest to take home.  A “thank you” from me for coming to my party, and a small reminder of the day for them.  It’s not a competition and it’s not about how much they cost.  We added in a balloon, and there would have been cake if we hadn’t all stuffed our faces already! 
Party, party, party!

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