Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hair Today? Maybe Tomorrow!

What a lovely day out I’ve had! I’ve been to a big agricultural show with my family and it was hot, hot, hot!

I’m not a big fan of suncream, but I know it’s got to happen and I’ll always let Mummy put it on in the end, though I do put up some resistance. What I do object to is it having to go on my head! And the reason it has to go on my head is all down to the lack of hair.

What can I say? I’m a baldy baby! There, I’ve said it. It’s out there. I look at my friends and I get hair envy. The newborn babies who turn up with full mops are just showing off! I’ve been kidding myself that it’s just because I’m fair, but in fact, there just isn’t enough there. Just a couple of feeble strands.

But why stress, right? It’ll come eventually, and in the meantime I don’t have to worry about tangles or any other sort of maintenance. Some of my friends already have a full-blown hair care regime!

What frustrates Mummy though is the comments from strangers. I don’t take it personally but they often think I’m younger than I am, or they can’t tell if I’m a boy or girl. Others just say I look like my dad, and that makes me giggle. I watch him jump the shower, one bottle of stuff does head and body, then he has a quick rub with a towel and he’s on his way. Mummy, however, has to spend an age washing, drying, brushing and applying goop. She has plenty of her own to stress about to worry about mine. It’ll come.

I’ll take Daddy’s routine any day – more time for eating and playing! I’m quite happy being his Mini-Me.

No bad hair days for me!


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