Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Perfect Summer's Day

What a wonderful day! I hope the weather was as glorious with you as it was with us. We were planning to take Hairy Dog to the beach, but then we had a slow start and Daddy said it would be too hot and too busy. So we stayed at home and the beach came to us! We got out the paddling pool, and the garden toys, and my new sand and water activity table.

I've been busy all day! So many stones to arrange, and grass to pick. I find it quicker to suck stones clean, but it drives Daddy wild!

Few people realise the precision required in building sandcastles. It's vital that you get the exact sand to water ratio or your castle is just useless. It takes a lot of concentration. By mid afternoon, there was nothing for it - I had to get closer to the action so I climbed into the tray and sat on the wet side.

I'll tell you what though, sand is not good for the nappy rash! Ooh, I've got sand in places I didn't think I had places!

It wouldn't be a quintessential British summer without strawberries, and I've stuffed my face with them all day. I need to send Mummy out tomorrow for more so we can try the strawberry risotto I saw on the Bristol Parenting Cafe blog.

Have a lovely week, everyone!


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