Friday, 17 June 2011

As Easy As Taking Candy From A Baby

Today, I am outraged.  There is no other word to describe it.  I thought people were nice!  But while I was out shopping with Mummy today, we came dangerously close to the dregs of society.  Thankfully, neither of us knew it.  We did not make eye contact.
Picture the scene.  Mummy and I had a few errands to run so we were out and about early.  We’d been to the bank, we’d been to the post office.   I was being very patient and then when we were shopping for some gifts for upcoming birthdays, Mummy wanted to treat me for being so good.
I chose a little cuddly rabbit, with lovely floppy ears.  I carried it round the shop with an ear clenched tightly in each hand while Mummy made her selections, then we went to the till.  I fixed the cashier with my best don’t-even-think-about-it glare and she scanned another rabbit rather than take mine away from me.
As we left the shop, I dropped the rabbit.  Hurrah for Mummy, she picked it up and gave it back to me.  We walked on for no more than 20 metres when Mummy popped her head round the buggy to check on me and the bunny.  It had gone!  Somehow , it had slipped through my fingers again.  Mummy turned round to get it and it had already disappeared!  In that short time!
What amazes me is that we had gone such a short distance – someone must have seen Rabbit fall, and rather than say, “Excuse me, you dropped this, “ they swiped him for themselves!  Unbelievable.  How could anyone do that?  How could anyone do that TO A BABY?!
Sadly, we didn’t get to know each other all that well in the short time we were together.  I hope he’s happy with his new home.  I am telling myself that if he was pinched for another small person, they’ll love him like I would have done.  And that if their parents are such scumbags as to steal a toy like that, then the baby probably deserves the love of a good rabbit.


  1. Dear Chatty Baby

    What awful news to hear of your Rabbit loss! I agree, there really are some dishonest horrible people in this world and i'm sorry to had to experience such theft at a tiny age. I bet you have lots and lots of cuddly toys that you can play with instead of the rabbit and i'm sure if you are really good you can ask Father Christmas for one in a few months time.
    Can't wait to hear your next blog x x

  2. So sorry to hear that you lost your new rabbit. After you'd been so good, too. Fortunately, most people are good and it's a shame that you had to cross the path of a rabbit thief today. As you say, let's hope the rabbit will bring happiness to a baby less fortunate than you. X

  3. Thank you, friends. I feel much better about it all today and I vow to look after my things more carefully from now on.


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