Friday, 24 June 2011

Toddler's Big Day Out To Shrewsbury

Another day, another amazing baby story.  I read today that a toddler has been on a big adventure; tired of the quiet in rural Powys, he hopped on a bus to the bright lights of the heaving metropolis that is Shrewsbury!
Maybe the sheep or ducks told him the streets are paved with blueberry-flavoured rice cakes. That would seal it for me.  Or carrot batons.  Or chocolate fingers.  Mmmmmm.
Anyway, back to the story.  It seems he hopped on with various other people and everybody thought he was with somebody else.  He could have been with anybody, but it turns out nobody was accompanying him!
The driver only noticed as everyone got off at the destination in Shrewsbury.
Now, the little boy had travelled 28 miles.  That’s not a short journey in a bus.  How did no-one miss him at home?!  Such a shame.  I really hope that someone would miss me if I even made it as far as the gate.  Sometimes it can be a bit stifling how quickly I am rumbled when I make my bids for freedom, but it’s nice to know they care.
Police are investigating, and two people have been bailed.  Thankfully, the little boy is ok.


  1. Shocking isn't it? I'm surprised none of the passengers (nor the bus driver) noticed sooner. And were the parents napping or something? Poor baby. Glad he is safe though.

    Are you on twitter?

  2. Thanks Mcai7td3, good to hear from you. I am on Twitter, yes, though I do get a few technical difficulties so don't post as often as I'd like. I'm at #ChattyBabyTweet.



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