Friday, 21 October 2011

Listography - Top 5 Keyword Searches On Your Blog

I saw the Listography this week and thought, “ooh, I wonder . . . “ so I had a look out of curiosity and now I’m going to share.
1.     The top search term sending people to my blog, thankfully, is “Chatty Baby.”  Yay! Long may it continue. I'm on the right wavelength.
2.     The second search was “things about Autumn,” after a post about why I was looking forward to this season so much.  Have a look here, if you fancy. 
3.     In third place was “5 things about Autumn” so I’m not going to count that as it’s so close to 2.   So, instead, my number 3 is “encouraging baby to talk,” I guess inspired by this post.
4.     My personal favourite.  Who knows what the people were thinking when they were googling “and climbing stairs grooving,” but there was more than one, and they ended up on my blog.
5.     And finally, quite dull in comparison to number 4, “Cotswolds” came in at number 5 after a post I wrote about my holiday there for The Gallery.  It’s here.
Some great entries from other people!  Have a look at the Kate Takes 5 Listography page.


  1. I'd be pretty proud to be known by 'and climbing the stairs grroving'. Odd but brilliant!

  2. Thanks Kate. Looks like there are some crackers out there on other people's lists!


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