Friday, 7 October 2011

This One Time, At Blog Camp . . .

I’m sorry, it’s obvious, but Mummy still thinks it’s a hilarious title and she made me use it.  I sent her to Blog Camp this week in Bristol, organised by Tots100.  She’s come back all excited, bless her.

“So, Mummy,” I said, “What have you learned at Blog Camp?  What do we need to do differently?”
This is what she came up with:
1.     Find your voice and stick with it – be consistent.  It can be a character, but stay in character at all times. (Who would write as someone else?!)

2.     Have more “play dates.”  This sounded like sound advice to me but it was about finding other blogs you’re comfortable with to follow and build relationships

3.     Get stuck in! With Facebook, with Twitter, on forums. 

4.     It’s ok to keep your fans wanting more; don’t feel you have to blog every day, or three times a week, or whatever – once a month might be plenty!  The content is more important so make that powerful.

5.     Mummy and I are so far behind the times when it comes to tech and social networking!  “Who knows this logo?” one of the speakers asked – not Mummy!  She’d never heard of half the things he was talking about.  She has brought home a list of twelve (yes, twelve) terms that we need to Google (other search engines are available) to fully understand what advice was being given.

6.     If you want people to find your blog, you need to optimise your copy for search engines and you need to create linkbacks, or trackbacks, or pingbacks.  Something like that.  I’m looking forward to reading the e-book on the subject.
Thanks to all the speakers for their time and advice, and to all the lovely bloggers who made Mummy feel welcome.  Blog Camp was our first foray into the world of blogger events and it was definitely worth doing.  Big hugs to everyone she met (too numerous to mention and I'd hate to miss anyone off the list!) See you all at the next event!


  1. Hello! So nice to meet you and yes, I love the title of your post! I had my head fried a bit with all the new terminology. Let me know how you get on piecing it all together!

  2. oh my gosh, that is the BEST title!!! sorry i never got to chat to you :( xx

  3. Hi BPC! Lovely to meet you, too, and of course I'll keep you posted.

    Kerry - thanks for stopping by. Sorry we didn't meet - maybe at the next one?


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