Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What? Wednesday - Chatty Baby In Pole Position

Wednesday again.  The weeks are flying by!  It’ll be Christmas before you know it!  Hurrah!
So, Mammasaurus has another What?Wednesday going on over here.  I have enlisted some of my family this week to help out  - Mummy, Grandma, and Auntie B – and they all drew a note.  The “winning” one is in reference to Jenson Button because the notes are stuck on mirrors in the loos in a pub in his home town, Frome.



  1. I hope I haven't been barred! x

  2. Oh dear - roping in Auntie could get you all into trouble! Like it ;-)

  3. Auntie B - any trouble, send them to me!

    Actually Mummy - I have to raise the stakes somehow looking at all the other entries! Must start planning next week's now.


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