Monday, 3 October 2011

Bite For The Right

If you haven’t heard already, I’ve been getting my teeth into nursery, or more specifically, the babies there.  Mummy’s gone on and on about it since the Nursery Ladies grassed me up, I mean, told her.
It’s not that I want to hurt other children, I don’t.  It didn’t really occur to me that I was causing any real pain till the Nursery Ladies told me off and made me think about what I’d done.  There’s not even any positive attention in it for me.  I’m trying to communicate rather than just be wilfully naughty – I’m not a bad baby!
I do care passionately about some toys though, especially pushchairs.  Buggy Love is a big deal for me!  I sometimes feel threatened by the other babies, like they’re trying to take away my things.  There I go again, they’re the nursery’s things, but we have so many toys there and I wouldn’t mind if I wasn’t allowed to touch some of the other things as long as I had exclusivity on the pushchair.  Pushchairs.
Sometimes when I yell, The Aggressor backs down and moves away.  Sometimes, it takes a scream, and when that doesn’t work, biting moves them on.  It gives me a safety zone.  I do feel pressure and stress and because of my age, I don’t have the words to express myself or the social experience to really grasp the concept of sharing.
Thankfully, Mummy’s not of the opinion that biting me back is a good idea.  She doesn’t want to teach me that violence causes violence, but she is keen for me to stop. She’ll make sure that I know straight away that I’ve done something wrong.  Daddy says it’s like training a dog – if you don’t tell them off immeidately, they don’t make the connection – and I’m not sure I like that analogy!
Mummy’s trying hard to spot signs before I do it, but she’s not at nursery and the Nursery Ladies don’t have eyes in the back of their heads.  The good news for everyone involved is that because they rotate the toys, the pushchairs probably won’t be there next week.  That buys me a little more time to get soms speech together beyond, “NO!”
CB x


  1. Ah it really is hard learning to share, and it's a dog eat dog world (pardon the pun). GG was a pushchair girl, to the extent that she would go round cafes and playgroups doing up the straps on everyone else's. It passed, and so will the biting - just as soon as you learn to say get the f*** away from my s*** pal!

  2. Thanks AM - that's an understatement! It's really hard! I'm totally with GG on the straps. And wheels!

    I will practice that phrase :)


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