Monday, 10 October 2011

Bloggers’ Blogger Of The Week

Well, here it is, my biggest claim to fame to date  – I have been voted the Bloggers’ Blogger of the Week over at Love New Blogs!  To say I’m excited doesn’t come close.  An award of any sort is great news, but the fact that this one comes from fellow bloggers means so much to me.  It was a complete surprise, so forgive me for not having any sort of acceptance speech prepared.
Of course, I’d like to thank Mummy and Daddy for their unwavering support (mostly Mummy because Daddy just doesn’t get blogging) and all the bloggers who voted for me.  I’d also like to thank all the bloggers who’ve written inspirational posts and comments that I’ve learned so much from in the last few months. 
I am wary of not blubbing like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Oscar acceptance speech (although I think I’d look fab in her pink dress!)  I thought instead I’d take guidance (read “shamelessly quote”) from some of the most well-known Oscars acceptance speeches out there .
“You like me, right now, you like me!”  Sally Field said this in her Best Actress speech way back in 1985.  That really sums it up for me – I’m chuffed to bits that people voted for me, but that does deliver a little bit of pressure to continue as I’ve been doing.  I hope I’m up to it!
To make sure I don’t miss anyone out, I’m turning to Cuba Gooding Junior from 1997. “Everybody, I love you!  I love you all!”  Thank you.
My final word comes from Julia Roberts, in 2001, while I continue to enjoy the moment; “I may never be up here again!”
And here’s my trophy badge!

CB x


  1. Yay!!! Congratulation. Very well deserved. And I loved your speech. X

  2. Thanks, love_from_mummy! It does mean a lot. x

  3. Go Chatty, Go Chatty! When I'm old and grey me and your mum can come and watch your oscar acceptance and say 'I remember when she won her first award.....'

  4. Hi there, congratulations. Very happy to share the week with such lovely company. It's such a super idea isn't it?
    Love your blog header by the way - really cute!

  5. Thanks Actually Mummy - if only . . .

    Thanks Working Mum :) x

    Thanks Rebecca. Congratulations to you too. Definitely a super idea. Glad you like the ducks :)


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