Thursday, 13 October 2011

Baby Shoe Obsession

My name is Chatty Baby and I am a shoe-aholic.  Obsessed is the only word I can use to describe it.  I love shoes! 
Mummy loves shoes too, but she’s never forced her passion for footwear on me.  I developed one all of my own.  She has a lot of shoes!  I like to arrange them for her.  She keeps them on a rack in the bedroom, but always in pairs.  I used to think that’s a bit restrictive so I spiced things up a bit for her and created my own pairs.  Sometimes, I would hide a few (never the same) somewhere else in the house, which I thought was a much better game than Mummy and Daddy seemed to.
Now I’ve grown up a bit, I understand the aesthetics and practicalities of a matching pair and I like to choose a pair for Mummy each day.  Sometimes, she gets ahead of herself and chooses her own but if I shout loud enough when I present her with my choice, she usually sees sense.
I like to carry shoes at baby groups, or anywhere else we go where people have to take off their shoes.  It’s not that I want them all for myself, I don’t.  I just like to look at them, feel them, appreciate their beauty, and then return them to their owner.
I have a beautiful pair of shiny pink shoes with purple flowers on the toes, and some gorgeous wellies, pink again, with red roses on them.  I like to put them on first thing in the morning; I have to toddle past them in the morning to get to the table for my milk, so it’s not unusual to find me having my breakfast in my pyjamas and wellies.  You can’t buy this sort of style, you know.
Mummy bought me some new boots yesterday, brown, knee-high, with gold and brown flowers all up the leg.  They’re fabulous!  I wanted to wear them after my bath last night while I had my story, but the big meanie said “no.”  I must have dreamt about them too because “Boots” was the first word I said to Mummy this morning when I got up.
So off I trotted to nursery to wow them with my footwear.  They were suitably impressed and my shoe obsession continues.  Anyone else out there share my passion?


  1. Hi Mya here!
    I adore shoes too!
    All shoes, trainers, flip flops, wellies, high heels, boots... oh i could go on!
    Mum took me to this shop called Clarks once. Have you been there?? It was shoe heaven!!
    Mum was a spoil sport though and only let me take home one pair! I tried hiding a shoe in mums handbag while she was at the counter but she caught me!
    I love it when mums friends come over cos they are always wearing different shoes and if they take them off at the door I get to try them on!
    Oh I do love shoes!
    Mya xx

  2. Oh Chatty Baby you pint sized fashonista!

    I'm glad for your mummy that you like shoes - will you tell Ozzy that his obsession for gravel must stop soon as it's driving me mad.

    Maybe I could get him into shoes too ...

  3. Ah Chatty you have arrived at civilised! The best trick is to hide outside Mummy's cubicle at the swimming pool and wander outside trying on every shoe you see. Heels are best. Mummy used to do this just to embarrass Grandma. Will introduce you to SJP soon - it is only a matter of time!

  4. Hi Mya. I love Clarks! I got some beautiful boots in Sainsbury's this week too, so worth checking them out. We have to ration my shoes too because Daddy gets cross so we sneak them in one pair at a time. Telling him my feet grew often works!

  5. Hi Mammasaurus. I'm afraid I'm into gravel too. So many beautiful stones! I'd love to swap tips with Ozzy some time.

  6. Thanks AM. That does sound like fun and I'll try it out. You must live somewhere very posh because near us no-one ever wears heels to the pool!


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