Wednesday, 28 September 2011

What? Wednesday

It’s mid-week mayhem over at Mammasaurus and another What? Wednesday.  I was really pleased with this week’s photo until the critical picture didn’t come out.  So you’ll just have to believe it was there.
The first shot is a close-up of the note, and the second is a shot of where I put it, but too far out for you to see.  The shot I’m missing is of the note stuck to Baby’s waist on the big poster beside the door.

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  1. Oh Chatty Baby ! No body would want to put you in the corner !
    Great stuff ... not sure you should be watching Dirty Dancing at your age ;)

  2. Fabulous! I hope you get some comeback from that one!

  3. Thanks ladies. Mammasaurus - I haven't seen it yet (must confess the W?W was Mummy's idea) but M says I can when I'm bigger. Apparently it has nothing to do with grooving in a full nappy.

    Actually Mummy - someone has to get some comeback soon! I wonder if we should all post the same thing one week and offer a prize for the first person to come back to the W?W page. A bit of a twist on a balloon-release . . .


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