Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My Sudden Irrational Fear

I used to be pretty fearless.  Nothing phased me.  I’m Chatty Baby and I’m going to take over the world one rice cake at a time!  I don’t even flinch when Hairy Dog barks. Mummy and Daddy often told people that I’m scared of nothing.
Nothing, that was, until Monday night.  It turns out I am suddenly totally freaked out by the bath!  I couldn’t tell you why, and I’ve not been able to tell Mummy either.  That’s partly because I’m not sure, and partly because I’m screaming so loudly she wouldn’t hear anyway.  Totally flipping out!
Thankfully, after three nights of horrific terror, Mummy’s finally got the message.  She thought I was kidding on Monday, just messing about, so I had to endure it again last night.  Tonight, she thought she was being clever and got in with me.  If you’ve read the post about her tummy (here if you missed it) you’ll know that was pretty terrifying in itself.  I don’t think our bath tub is big enough to support a tsunami, but best not to take any chances!
Anyway, she’s decided that three consecutive nights constitutes a pattern so she’s promised to give it a miss tomorrow.  No chance of dodging the soap completely – apparently I have to have a “Pommie Bath” on the bathroom floor.  Can’t wait.
At least she’s prepared to accept my fear.  She doesn’t need to know why I’m scared, just that I am and that needs to be respected even if she’s brave enough to get in the bath herself.  Perhaps she’s thought of something she’s scared of and can’t give a rational explanation for.

Who knows what’ll happen next time we go swimming . . .


  1. Oh Chatty Baby ! Did-dums!
    Maybe just as you get into the bath mummy could try blowing some bubbles -from a suitable bubble blowing wand - not from her mouth - you know how silly she can be ;)

  2. Thanks Mammasaurus. Even bubbles won't do the trick at the moment. I've told M not to bother with new bath toys either. Her god-daughter is coming to stay next weekend, who's a bit older than me, so we're hoping she might tempt me back in the water.

  3. a tsunami - hilarious! Who knows where these sudden fears come from? The Bug has suddenly decided he is scared of the dark, after 4 years of sleeping happily in his own bed. The stuffed animal around the bed routine we have since developed is bordering on OCD!

  4. I had a bath phobia too CB! One bath we had had feet so I was scared it would run off with me in it. I was a little older than you at the time though. Maybe your Mummy could see if it is the bath or the water that you are freaking out about. Try playing with your favourite toys and eating your favourite snack in the bath (I know CRAZY) with no hint of water. Then if that doesn't worry you after a few days pop on your cossie and have a play with the teeniest amount of water and gradually build back up to a bath.

  5. Oh dear, poor CB!

    Bat has a fear of things that make noise when she thinks they shouldn't (the hoover, certain toys, occasionally her own bottom) but it's hard for us to know in advance what those will be. Sometimes we present her with a new toy and she flees in terror, but she loves her drum that plays tunes and her fire engine with a siren noise... Babies are complicated.

  6. Ooh my wee one was terrified of the bath too when she was about 5 months - lately it's only the hoover that is scaring her! I'm not sure what it was that solved the problem with the bath - I'd say it lasted a couple of weeks. In the end I opted for a morning bath, with dimmed lights & classical music playing - just to change the scene a bit. Amazingly it seemed to work! However, the next night she still seemed terrified! Another morning bath the next day and hey presto she was fine. No guarantee it will work for you but maybe worth a try!

  7. Actually Mummy - poor Bug! I'm fine with the dark at the moment but who knows what will happen in the future.
    Auntie B - sorry you had to endure a fear of the bath too. Our bath has feettoo, but I don't think that's the problem. I had a sponge bath tonight on the bathroom floor and it's definitely the water. Maybe I'm just a soap-dodger in the making!
    Gingembre - you're so right, babies are very complicated.
    Pictorial Mum - thanks for the ray of hope. We'll give that a try.


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