Monday, 19 September 2011

Save The Children Campaign

I’ve been tagged by Pictorial Mummy and Frankie Parker and today I am happy to make up the numbers.  helloitsgemma and michelletwinmum are trying to get 100 bloggers linked up with a 100 word meme before Tuesday to support the Save the Children campaign to ensure that no child should die through lack of access to a professional health worker.

8 million children die every year. This is the 21st century – that number is astounding! Doctors, nurses midwives are all crucial to saving children’s lives but there just aren’t enough health workers in the world’s poorest countries.

Save the Children are calling on David Cameron to play his full part in ending the health worker crisis that costs so many lives each year. World leaders are meeting at the UN in New York on Tuesday and we need 60,000 signatures on the petition for them to commit to ending the shortfall in healthcare professionals in the poorest countries.  Here’s what you need to do:

1. Sign the petition!
2. Join in Helloitsgemma and Michelletwinmum’s blogging challenge and write 100 words about a great health professional you have met and link back. Add a link to the petition and follow #Healthworkerscampaign on twitter for more info.
3. Tag some more bloggers and encourage them to spread the word.
4. Get on Twitter and Facebook, and shout.  Loudly.

Here are my 100 words (exact, of course):
The Community Midwife who answered all Mummy’s silly questions, the sonographer who persuaded me to forget my modesty for a moment, the midwife at the birth who took charge when I was distressed – all of them fantastic, well-trained and very professional but my award for the Most Influential Healthcare Professional for my family goes to the health visitor who had the courage to break rank and tell Mummy to give me a bottle.  She noticed my weight loss and heeded my cries.  “Don’t feel bad, it’s not a failing.  See it as pudding after a meal of breast milk.” Thanks.
Many of the bloggers I would tag have already posted!  Slow off the mark again. I haven't seen anything from:

Momma Wears Combat Boots
White Lily Mummy



  1. Hey CB, great post and thanks for doing it....

  2. Pregnancy, birth and early motherhood are perfect examples of how important health workers are :) lovely post x

  3. Thank you and what a great post from a chatty baby - you have a good memory for all the people who have helped you!

  4. Thanks, all - a pleasure, and for such a good cause.

    Comments are playing up tonight, but it is me!


  5. Mummy sounds very sweet.
    Lovely post X

  6. Thanks, Gemma, she tries her best. A great challenge, well done!

  7. Thank you to you and your Mummy for taking part and sharing your story! You and so many like you helped me to shout loudly in New York for babies and their mummies who have no chance at all at the moment. Thank you.

  8. Thank you, Christine, for championning such a great cause. I hope we can all make a difference.


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