Friday, 16 September 2011

Chatty Baby, Pudding & Pie . . .

. . . kissed the boys and made them cry.  It was a little kiss, that’s all.  I don’t know what all the fuss was about.  They should man-up if you ask me, and get on with it.  No need to sit there and bawl!  Anyone would think I’d bitten them!  I was only being affectionate!  The ladies at nursery told Mummy “flirtatious,” but I think that has connotations and puts me in a bad light.  What’s a little love between friends?  I think they were all surprised I can tell the difference between boys and girls and my age.
I don’t kiss girls.  I paint them, but the only girl that gets a proper Chatty Baby Smacker is Mummy.  And Dolly, if you count her.  Girls can have cuddles, but I like to kiss boys.  I won’t be palmed off with a bit of cheek or hair, either.  I tried to kiss all the boys in the baby room at nursery, and I very nearly managed it!  It’s mostly unrequited, but I gather you have to kiss quite a few frogs in life so I thought I’d start early.  I don’t know how many “a few” is and hey, I had a bit of time on my hands.  I hear it’s “cute” while I’m little, but when I become A Big Girl I think there’s another word for it and Daddy’s told me he’ll lock me away if he ever hears my name and that word in the same sentence.
I did find a very charming young man who didn’t take offence at my version of Kiss Chase.  Each of us was sitting on a knee of our key carer.  I hugged him and sat back, then he hugged me and sat back.  It went on for ages, and I loved it. Mummy says he’s gorgeous, too.  Just don’t tell Daddy.


  1. Hehehe. So cute. Already breaking hearts then. x

  2. Only my own - it's a sad day when you have to cling on to a little boy as he tries to crawl away! Thanks for your comment, love_from_mummy

  3. Chatty Baby I am shocked! I didn't have my first kiss until I was 5 (at the top of a slide, so romantic...). Bye the way, what is this double tutu gig you've got going? Any age 7 freebies on the loose? They do look cute on the babies!

  4. Hee! Bat has already had her first kiss from a girl - a two year old pushed her to the floor when we were at soft play and gave her a right big smacker on the lips. :D Don't think she's kissed any boys yet, unless her rocking zebra is male...

  5. AM,that does sound very romantic! I might be being pretty dumb, but I'm afraid I didn't understand the tutu comment :(

    Gingembre - I hope Bat wasn't too traumatised byt the whole experience!


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