Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What? Wednesday

So, Wednesday is here for another week and this time I have stealthily posted my note for the Mammasaurus What? Wednesday meme on the Paddington Bear stall at Paddington station. Sneaky. It looks like I’m wearing a massive Jamiroquai-style Paddington Bear hat! I really must learn to draw, but hey, I’m only little.
You’ll probably just about make out the note in the second picture, stuck to a lovely blankie set in the middle.


  1. How cool !You really are the master at spotting the appropriate place to post your posts Chatty Baby - you have a very clever head on that tiny baby body !

  2. Love it! Your What?Wednesday pictures are the best (but you're right about needing drawing lessons - I thought you were stuck in a bucket, not wearing the PB hat!) x

  3. How did you manage that?? Oh yeah, I remember - babaies can get away with anything! Much harder for an in-your-face princess with flashing shoes and a hot pink feather boa to go unnoticed!

  4. Thank you all, such glowing praise :) Except from Working Mum - how rude! ;) Stuck in a bucket? Ha ha! I will try harder next week x

    AM - I love your style! You are my fashion idol.


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