Friday, 30 September 2011

Dear So And So . . .

I've seen a few posts recently titled Dear So & So, so I checked out 3 Bedroom Bungalow and thought I'd join in.  Here's my effort:

Dear Lovely Nursery Ladies,
I’m sorry you had to tell me off this week.  I understand that sometimes you have to, if I’ve been naughty.  I’ll try and be good next week, really I will.  Mummy would like me to be good, because she doesn’t like talking to you when I’ve been bad. (Normally, she likes talking to you, don’t worry!)  I’ll try to listen and take everything on board.
Yours angelically,
CB x

Dear Other Babies,
I’m not sorry I bit you.  You deserved it.  You don’t touch the toys I’m playing with.  You don’t touch the toys I’ve played with that morning.  In fact, you don’t touch the toys I’ve even looked at.  Comprende?  Good, we’ll get along fine and you can go home without teeth marks on your arms.
Yours . . . In fact, not yours at all; I’m in charge around here!
Mine, all of you,

Dear Friendly Neighbour,
Thank you for letting me play on your trampoline today.  Even though I didn’t really understand how the floor was moving, I still had great fun.  Thanks for spending the time with me.  I always have fun at your house!
Yours appreciatively,
CB x

Dear Wonderful Readers,
Thank you so much for your support.  I really appreciate your comments – I get so excited when I see another one.  I love the thought that there are real, live people out there interested in what I’ve got to say.  Who’d have thought?  Little old me -  a blogger!
I am grateful and flattered every day.
Yours sincerely,
CB x

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CB x


  1. Dear Chatty Baby

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write to all these people - including me (I'm one of the real life readers!) I enjoy hearing about all that's going on with you and you are such a polite baby writing to all these people on a Friday night... but I think it's really time you went to bed now.

    PM x

  2. OH OH biting - Little Tiger will be disappointed with you - he has bitten anyone for around 2 months now (I'm furiously touching wood about this). I love this though and Tinks doesn't get the tampoline either she just thinks it's a added extra like the jumpeeroo.

  3. Thanks PictorialMum for your concern - I think I'll head off to bed now.

    Toddlingintomadness - Mummy wants to know if you have any tips for dealing with biters?

  4. Oh Chatty, don't you know it's much more fun to beat them into sumbission with a withering look and a couple of choice words? Biting is so yesterday - you'll learn

  5. I am so glad my kids didn't really ever go through a bitting stage. Chatty, you really must not bite, it makes Mummy sad.

  6. Remember CB that the best things to chew are coated in chocolate! May I suggest swapping nibbling others arms for smearing snot on their faces?
    Subtle - you won't get caught and very effective!

  7. Some good tips, Actually Mummy and Mammasaurus, thank you. I've heard of using words, but never snot! Genius.

    Kat, you're right, but I just get so frustrated!

  8. Oops!Hope your mummy doesn't feel to bad about this as there is nothing she can do to stop you from biting when you are at nursery!Babies and toddlers grow out of it,sooner rather than later I hope!

  9. Thanks Jess. I hope it'll be sooner too because Mummy has told everyone she's seen since and it's getting a bit embarrassing now!

  10. Mums are like that Chatty Baby!So remember no more biting!Or your mum will go on & on & on!Believe me!

  11. Sorry for the late comment but I read this to PH and we both couldn't stop sniggering all day. I know I shouldn't encourage you Chatty Baby, but the letter to the Nursery Ladies and the other babies is so fantastic that I nearly fell off the sofa laughing whilst I was reading it! Keep up the good work! lol.

  12. Thanks Dumpling's Mum - good to see you back!


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