Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Top Of The Pops When I Was Born

This is an interesting one, for Mummy at least.  She’s feeling totally horrified and very old!  I’ve been tagged by Joanne at The Blunt Truth to share what was at Number 1 when I was born.  I had no idea so I enlisted Mummy’s help.  Turns out it was a song called “Gettin’ Over You” by David Guetta featuring Chris Willis, Fergie and someone/thing called LMFAO.  Charmed, I sure.

We’re none the wiser.  Mummy had heard of Fergie (didn’t she marry Prince Andrew?) but apart from that, there’s not a lot that jumps out at us.  In fact, we’d never heard of any of the songs in the whole Top 10, and that’s what’s making Mummy feel old.
She’s been a die-hard Radio 2 listener for years now, (at least ten) since all the people she used to listen to on Radio 1 now have shows on Radio 2.  And they play ‘proper’ music, with a tune, not just boom boom boom.  I guess she might as well be saying, “Back in my day,” or “When I was a girl,” but then she really would be old.
Worth mentioning that some guy called Elvis was Number 1 when she was born?  See – really old.
CB x


  1. No mummy in her right mind knows what was on TOTP when her child was born. The fact that she watched TV at all outside of the hours of midnight and 5am is miraculous!

  2. Well, now Mummy knows, she certainly doesn't feel in her right mind!


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