Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Brit Mums Brilliance In Blogging Vote Plea

I won’t beat about the bush, I want something.  Your vote.  (If you've not already cast it, that it - I know I'm late again!)
I love writing my blog and I hope you like reading it.  That is enough for me, and that was the point of starting it in the first place, almost a year ago.  But who doesn’t like a little recognition?
I don’t expect to win any awards, but even being nominated would give me a huge boost. I would be one happy little baby.  As a very independent little lady, I will tell you that I can do most things on my own, but I do need a little be of help with this.  Just a teensy bit.  You need to nominate me for a Brit Mums Brilliance In Blogging award, by clicking here! 
I know I have one nomination already (you can always count on your Mummy!) but with such fantastic blogs out there to compete with, there is work to do.  It might seem a little defeatist that I don’t expect to win, but up against some very high-profile, successful blogs, even being mentioned in the same breath would be an achievement for my humble little blog.
So there you have it.  My shameless plea for votes.  I won’t promise to change the world, there will be no healthcare reforms or better support for the elderly, no end to tuition fees or cuts in fuel duty, just a grateful baby blogger.
Thank you.
CB x


  1. Oh you can get away with anything when you're only 1 or 2! I've voted already but I'll RT you :)

  2. If you don't ask you don't get :D x

  3. Thanks lovelies. Worth a punt, eh?


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