Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tips For Delaying Babies' Bedtime

If you ask Mummy, I've been playing up at bedtime recently.  I disagree. I think it's more well thought out logic applied to staying up a little later, now that I'm a big girl.
We've had a bedtime routine since I was a very tiny baby; bath, story, cuddles, bed.  That's still great, and I still like all of that (usually) but I'm quite into books at the moment so I negotiate for more than one at bedtime.  Well, I say 'negotiate,' but in fact I mean demand.  We're averaging about four a night at the moment.  It's quite obvious though, and Mummy sees it coming now.
So, little people, if you want to grab those extra few minutes in the evening, here are my more subtle tips:
1.     Refuse a cuddle.  Before my bath, I stop talking to Daddy.  I won't say goodnight to him, and I go to my room.  Mummy's then trying to proceed with Bedtime, and I get very remorseful suddenly.  I cannot possibly even contemplate going to sleep without saying goodnight to Daddy, and I make sure the wailing says that loud and clear.  There's obviously the making-up time, too, for giving him the cold shoulder earlier, so he gets a special Chatty Baby 'doddle' with arms round his neck and everything!

Now, I think there is a 'life' to this ploy too, because Daddy's starting to come in to say goodnight to me before lights out, but come on, it took them long enough to cotton on!

2.     Cry Poo! This one is a dead cert, mark my words.  I like to use this one just as soon as Mummy turns the light out.  It cannot fail to bring one or other of them back in, even if they think I'm kidding - they daren't risk leaving me in a dirty nappy all night.  I only ever wee at that time of day, but they never know.  It can be quite uncomfortable saving the wee up through all those stories, but it's worth it.
3.     Put your own babies to bed.  I have so many teddies and dolls in my bed at the moment, there's hardly any room for me!  Each night, I'm crying for another one to join the happy gang, then before I'll even contemplate sleep, I have to make them all comfortable.  That might mean giving them my pillow, it might mean wrapping them in blankets to keep them warm.  Whatever you did last night, try something else tonight.  Keep parents on their toes!

Good luck, babies!  (And if you have any other crackers, be sure to let me know!)
CB x


  1. Chatty, now you are old enough for this dramatic stuff I lay down a challenge for you. Never poo during the day. Not even if your life depends on it. Then poo as soon as the lights go out. (Don't forget they can hear you on the monitor that they still haven't quite managed to give up). Only do a little bit though. Just enough for a nappy change. Once back in bed, do another one, and so on. My record was 5 - see if you can beat it. If all else fails (and remembering the monitor) snivel a bit and say, 'poor Chatty' over and over again until they come. Never underestimate the power of the guilts :)

    1. Oh wow, GG, you are the master at all of this! That is INSPIRED! Loving the idea of crying "poor Chatty."


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