Saturday, 4 February 2012

Baby Baking - You Get The Picture

I had a great time this week at my friend’s house, Baby Baking!  Not baking babies, of course, but we, the babies, doing the baking.  Of biscuits.
My friend’s mummy is very organised and she had a bowl for each of us, our own wooden spoon, we all used our own ingredients.  Mixing wasn’t really my forte – it might be better described as ‘pounding’ – but it was great fun!  Mummies helped a bit, just to make sure the lumps were evenly spread to the biscuits were edible.
We baked them before lunch, let them cool while we chowed down, and then the artistic brilliance began with icing the biscuits.  Wow! Who knew making mess could be so sticky?! Now, our attention span, being small, meant that we didn’t ice long before we started kicking a ball around.  That meant the mummies had a bit of time to ‘salvage’ the biscuits.
And here they are!  Ta-dah!

What have your little ones been creating this week?
CB  x


  1. Ah they are lovely - your Mummy did a fab job ;)We made icicles, but haven't written about them yet!

    1. Icicles? How do you make them? Link 'em up so I can see!

  2. NOM NOM NOM! Cover anything with enough icing and I'll forget even the grubbiest little fingers have made them !

    1. And they were grubby little fingers!


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