Monday, 13 February 2012

A Wasted Weekend

What a weekend!  What liberties The Olds take!  They claim they were both ill this weekend so there was more of me looking after them than them looking after me.  Outrageous behaviour, quite frankly.  Daddy had me hunting high and low for his shoes and I even heard him say that he’s getting some steps to the fridge. Mummy hardly played with me at all, and apparently we’re taking out shares in Kleenex and Lucozade.
They didn’t even have the same thing so I guess they could swap in time for next weekend.  I’m going back to nursery for a rest!  Daddy’s had Man Flu for a few weeks now and it looks like he has a sinus infection that’s knocking him out, but he will not see a doctor.  Mummy was vomiting a lot on Saturday (isn’t that a gross word?!)  Last time I did that thing, it was mostly milk so we just changed my top and carried on.  Mummy was looking quite intently into the toilet when she did it, and that made Daddy mad – “Don’t let CB see you,” he said, “She might start sticking her head down the loo!”  As if!  Ambitions of licking the pan are for babies!  I’ve got an idea of what toilets are for now, and while there is a poo fascination, of course, I do understand it’s dirty!
I finally went to bed on Saturday night having spent all my energy trying to engage them in a game of chase, or painting, or reading.  Daddy put me to bed, which is how I know Mummy was really not well.  That, and the fact that she spent the evening at the hospital waiting for pills to stop the barf.  I think the relief she felt that it’s not Norovirus is somewhere about half the relief Daddy and I felt on Sunday morning that it’s not coming our way. 
So, a 24hr bug and Mummy’s better, but she and I still went to see my grandparents for the day.  I ate loads!  Seemed a shame to waste Grandpa’s cooking and Mummy didn’t have much.  I ate my body weight in fruit and wish I hadn’t today – sore nappy region.  TMI?  Sorry, but it’s a post about barfing and poo, and new parents love talking about that!
CB x


  1. Oh Chats that's not good! Poor Mummy, remember it's worse for her because she has to deal with yours as well as hers!

    1. I'm over it now, and thankfully so are they. Hoping for something a bit more exciting this weekend. Have a good one yourself x


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