Saturday, 17 December 2011

You Get The Picture!

So, roll up, last time for 2011, let’s see your kiddies’ artistic creations.  I’m sure there must be lots of Christmassy efforts out there.
Saying that, mine is not in the least bit festive.  Having promised you a salt-dough masterpiece of some description, I must confess to a bit of a fail.  In fact, it was quite a big Mummy Fail.  Salt dough must be amongst the easiest receipes IN THE WORLD: 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of water, 2 cups of flour.  That’s it.  Mummy still managed to b*lls it up.  She got the ingredients the wrong way round and after adding a little bit more salt and flour, then a little bit more and another pinch or two for good measure, the mixture still didn’t look very dough-like so we ditched it, checked the receipe and started again.
By the time we had dough, I was quite ready to throw it around the kitchen rather than make anything with it, and the footprint I did make still isn’t dry five days later.  So today we’ve had a bit of a shot at Play Doh.  I ate quite a lot, but I did lend Mummy my hand long enough to do a hand print.

I look forward, as ever, to seeing your efforts.

CB x


  1. I have a perfect little salt dough angel on my Christmas tree! School are so good at these things that it isn't worth me doing it at home ;)

  2. Glad you like our reindeer :-) and glad to hear this meme will continue in the new year,we adore it & Chipmunk often talks about '"Chatty Baby" and my mum goes "Who!" and I just smile xxxx


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