Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My Beautiful Fur (Faux) Coat!

What is with all this mild weather?  It’s Christmas this weekend and it looks like there’s no chance of a white one.  When I think back to last year  . . . we were snowed in, it was lovely and cold, and I couldn’t even really enjoy it because I wasn’t even crawling, let alone walking.  How frustrating!
Still, it has been cold this year already, if no snow (Daddy has bought a sledge ready for it, but the furthest I’ve been on it so far is from the display to the till on carpet.  Which was flat.  So not that exhilarating.
Anyway, it’s been cold enough on occasion for a coat, and even though I say so myself, I have the world’s most beautiful winter coat.  It’s a Ladybird coat, from Littlewoods, (from £26.00) and it’s faux fur.  Leopard print.  Does it come more glamourous than that?!  I say there’s no limit on when a girl can become a fashionista!  It goes with so many things, too; I dress it up or down, depending on the occasion.  It’s come with me on a day to day basis, but also a christening recently.
Here I am wearing the coat on my way to nursery recently.

It has a lovely, wide collar (also fur – faux, of course) and a beautiful bow detail on the lapel.  It does up with buttons, and it’s fully lined, so it’s really warm and cosy.  I wear it a lot, so my beautiful coat has been through a lot of every day toddler antics and the associated stickiness.  Mummy says it washes very well, too.  So well in fact that it doesn’t even need the brushing “to restore appearance” that the label suggests.
So, it’s gorgeous, it washes well, it goes with anything and everything, and on top of all of that, the attention I get whenever I go anyway is great for my self-esteem.  No more “cute little man” comments, everyone remarks on the “pretty little girl.”  Great!  Except for the stupid person who suggested I look like Pat Butcher.
Littlewoods has some beautiful children’s clothes, coats included, for boys and girls that you can have a look at here.  And what's more, they'll still deliver for Christmas Eve if you order by 9pm on Friday 23rd - how's that?!
Mummy and I were not paid for this review, but we did get to keep the coat.


  1. That is just wonderful. I have one very similar - but think I look considerably more like Pat Butcher than you!

  2. Looking good CB! Just got to get you some hair to go with that ;))

  3. Elizabeth, I'm sure you don't look like Pat Butcher either!

    GG (Actually Mummy) - how rude! I have enough now that Mummy's looking for a tangle teaser comb now. :-P

  4. OMG love this! You must link it up to our Trendy Toddler post. An absolute doll :)


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