Saturday, 3 December 2011

You Get The Picture

Welcome to the weekend, everyone!  Hope you have fun whatever you’re up to.  I met Santa last night so we’re now feeling really Christmassy in our house.
This is You Get The Picture, my weekly chance to share your artistic creations. Link up any paintings, drawings, Blue Peter-style loo roll animals, photos etc and have a look at the other entries.
I’m away this weekend but I can’t wait to see your creations when I get home tomorrow night.
Here’s my effort for this week:


  1. Chatty,Chipmunk wanted to say something to you :-)

    "Chatty,you paint great messy paintings"

    I think you have a*very* brave mummy,Chatty!
    How long did it take to get your leggies clean?

    Love from Jess & Chipmunk x

  2. Oooh that looks lovely and messy. Brilliant.

    I've written a post to link up but it's closed. Will link up next week instead. I find it hard at the weekend as there's so much going on.

  3. oooo Painty Baby ! Looks like fun !

  4. Thanks everyone! Mummy's back from her exams (she did well, yay!) so normal-ish service will be resumed.

    Sorry HCTG - I'll start leaving the linky open for a week from Saturday. x

  5. Hello Chatty,
    Well done to your mum for doing well in her exams :-)
    I'm so glad you could see me,I'll tell Chipmunk,he will be thrilled xxx


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