Friday, 16 December 2011

I Can't Wait For Christmas!

I can’t wait for Christmas!  I’m nearly as excited as Mummy, and even Daddy seems to be looking forward to it this year.  I’ve already had my present from them, (a beautiful playhouse) but Mummy says Christmas is not just about the presents and I like her thinking.

I’ve seen Santa a couple of times this year already – I like to think we’re friends now.  I queued to see him at a local shopping village, and then he came to see me (well, apparently, he came to see everyone) at nursery this week.  He gave me a book both times!  I love books – how did he know?!

Apart from the gifts in a stocking that I’ll get from Santa for being a good girl, I suspect I’ll get some gifts from my family, although I know I shouldn’t be so presumptuous.  “You don’t give to receive,” Mummy says.

Mummy really wants me to love Christmas for the same reasons she did when she was little.  It’s a time to be with family and do ‘traditional’ things, like play board games.  Mummy LOVES board games!  I think they could become a regular thing for me, even if I don’t share her passion.

The point is that Christmas needed cost a fortune.  There can still be presents and festivities, even in these tough financial times; the sign of a good Christmas shouldn’t be governed by the value of gifts received.

I’ve heard of a family who encourages their children to give away one of their gifts to less privileged children.  I don’t think that’s quite right if people have thought carefully about what to give them, but I get the sentiment – be grateful for what you have, think of those who are less fortunate, and count your blessings. 

I hope I’ll always think about what I’m asking for.  I don’t think a Christmas wish-list should be full of things I actually need (if you can’t have things for Christmas that you just badly want, when can you have them?) but it should be a wish-list rather than an expectation-list.  I think parents who indulge all the ‘requests’ on these lists (obviously liasing with Santa and topping-up where required) are just creating monsters for themselves.  They’re not doing anyone any favours, the children included.  Providing endless expensive presents just means higher and higher expectation, less appreciation, and ultimately the joy of Christmas is gone.  If you have everything you ever wanted, what is left to wish for?

Mummy likes to give things that people wouldn’t buy themselves.  It’s a chance to treat those closest to you, but it’s also a chance to show someone that you’re thinking of them, which I think is why home-made presents are enjoying such a renaissance.  If only I were a little handier . . .

You see, it needn’t be hugely expensive – most people can make something, if they want to, and for those who don’t, Christmas will be about this time next year too, to give everyone a chance to put a few pennies aside in preparation.  Based on last year, my stocking’s going to include a couple of books (you can never have enough, in my opinion, and with so many “discount” book retailers around, they’re a great option) some chocolate coins (I intend eating them on my own this year – Mummy did too much helping last year) and some cool things I’ve lunged at in the supermarket over the year like a bouncy ball, a mini-slinky, that sort of thing.  If Santa’s been listening, of course.

Everyone knows we little-uns love the cardboard boxes more than the thing inside anyway, so have your marker pens handy on the big day to create a house, train, castle, etc.

I know I’m early, but I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

CB x


  1. Aw thanks littly! I'll send you a bag of broken biscuits then, shall I? What? You wanted a Baby Annabelle and a full set of matching clothes? And a Silver Cross dolls pram? Sorry. I've got an old box though if it's any good to you! ;)

  2. Oh the cliché about kids preferring the cardboard boxes are so true!

    Half the fun is in the frenzied unwrapping! Will Father Christmas be leaving your presents in your mummys house or your lovely outdoor house I wonder?!

  3. GG, I think there might way be a baby doll in there somewhere, but I'll take your box of broken biscuits in the meantime.

    Mammasaurus, I'm good at unwrapping now! Thank goodness I saw your comment before Mummy and Daddy because that could have led to a horrible trick!


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